Complete and partial solutions on the seafront serve all your commercial relationships with sea freight services, agents and experienced specialist staff spread all over the world.

Our main services in marine transportation;

  • Professional transport solutions,
  • Opportunity to work with special discounted freight contracts under contract by establishing direct contact with the lines
  • Selection and delivery of freight alternatives with our organized specialists
  • Choosing the most appropriate shipping type for your cargo,
  • Proper preparation of the air waybills in accordance with the loading scheme and your letters of credit,
  • Storage and refilling in private warehouses in customs or duty-free areas,
  • Domestic shipments between ports, factories, warehouses and ports should be made at reasonable prices under the guarantee of transport insurance,
  • Operation under control at all stages; import and export of imports and deliveries of information from the load,
  • Transit transactions,
  • Multimodal transport,
  • Organization of Cross Trade uploads,
  • Import / export customs clearance service,
  • Transport of Dangerous / Cooled and Buried cargoes,
  • Import / export and full / partial shipments,
  • Carrying out merchant insurance.

Widespread agency network in airline Widespread agency network in airline Offers innovative and high quality service in airway transportation with agency network, airline and air sales representatives scattered around the world, price agreements and expert staff.

Our main services in air transport are;
General Cargo Handling
Special Cargo Handling
Valuable Cargo
Live Animals
Dangerous Goods
Door to Door
Full Cargo Charter Service
Consolidation Services

Complex and partial solutions on the highway Complex and partial solutions on the road We provide regular land transport services by fulfilling all our applications in the delivery and loading area with our wide network of agencies in the world (transfer, storage, internal delivery, customs and warehouse services).

Our main services in road transport; Transport from Turkey to Europe, Balkans, Asia and the Middle East Transport from European countries to Turkey, Balkans, Asia and the Middle East Transportation services for special equipment and vehicles (construction machines, etc.) Special expertise in transport (hanging / parcel)
Communication / information and flight monitoring with satellite, internet and mobile phone tools

Transport alternatives we provide;
Depodan Depoya – Komple Tır Partial Tır
Depotan Kapıya – Complex Tır Partial Tır
Doors Depot – Complex Tır Partial Tır
Doors to Door – Complex Tır Partial Tır

Domestic freight forwarding services with closed and open wagons
Railway, Sea, Road combined transport and door-to-door transport services
Export, import and transportation services in railway-connected ports
Warehousing and all kinds of handling services

Sometimes, solving your needs through a single transport route may not be effective economically. In such cases, our company offers you Multimodal (inter alia) intermodal transport alternatives.

Multimodal solutions using multiple logistics vehicles (ship + truck / ship + aircraft / aircraft + truck + ship etc.)
We offer intermodal transport alternatives such as ship + train or ship + roadway combinations without changing the containers you have loaded.

Our company, which provides the trade key service to the customers in the project logistics, carefully follows the projects until the finest detail of the processes.

Aircraft Motor transport
Wind Energy (RES) Transport
Business Machines Transportation
Yacht / Motor yacht Transport
Live Animal Carrying

International fair organizations offer you compact solutions for your installation from customs-free logistics stand supply.
Organization of documents
customs clearance
Customs / non-duty internal transport
Empty container storage
Stand supply

Within the Supply Chain, one of the most important service elements in the logistics sector is warehouse and bonded warehouse services. Through its authorized warehouse in Istanbul Europe and Anatolia, these services enable customers to control and manage manageable processes with the optimum cost advantage in Warehouse and Antrepore. By doing effective planning, avoiding the burden of heavy costs in an ever-increasing competitive environment. This area specializes in the price and location advantages according to the demands of the customers thanks to the agreements made with the most distinguished companies of our country which have specialized staff and necessary installations.

Free storage

We are in cooperation with our solution partners who provide quality warehousing services with advanced storage and shelf systems and technological structure with experienced staff, warehouse software and advanced information technologies, subcontracted warehousing and customs warehouse stock management concept, and we are in charge of order collection, packaging, labeling, barcoding, packaging, palletizing, stretching and handling.


Our storage services
Customs (warehousing) / duty-free (free) storage,
Unloading and handling.
Packaging, Labeling, Barcode
Palette, Palette creation
Order preparation
Add warranty document and manual
Dangerous (ADR) product storage service
Cold storage systems
Warehouse offices dedicated to customer use
Ecommerce solutions
POP logistics
Inventory Management
Hanging textile storage

In accordance with the instructions and requests of our customers with our Courier Department which is in our own frame
To fulfill the elements to be earned in time for all operations with our Engine and Vehicle Crisis
by following the organization by doing.

Inland shipping; the supplier provides transport to the loading port by way of land and / or railway from the evacuation port to the adress where the container is to be evacuated.
We ensure that your products are in the right place at the right time. Whenever you need domestic transportation, you can rely on us to get an efficient and cost-effective transportation service whenever you need it.
Our interior transportation offers include the following;
Move with multiple types of transport
Wide network of quality transport companies
Continuous monitoring and quality assurance
On-time delivery and delivery
The need to respond to the needs of maritime and land transport through a one-sided organization


With our special agreements, you can send your cargoes at reasonable costs