Our expert risk advisors; researches, assesses and evaluates the risks of the companies that we are a client with a holistic view. We make our researches based on different experiences by using different risk analysis techniques according to developments, changes and technologies in the sectors; We create a Risk Assessment Report (RTR) and communicate them to our customers in an understandable manner.

As a result of your risk analysis, we can create an appropriate package of Corporate Insurance products to ensure that your company will be adversely affected.

Within the scope of Individual Insurance products, we can secure against vehicle, housing, health and personal insurance products and adverse situations.

Within our risk management service, we provide our customers with the opinions and suggestions of our specialists by making a comparison between the insurance corresponding to the risk in the local and / or global markets.

Our joint solution offices specializing in reinsurance brokerage provide sector contribution by bringing up to date information and innovations from world reinsurance markets to Turkey. At the same time, we are producing appropriate solutions for foreign reinsurance markets by creating pla- cent structures suitable for new product or capacity demands coming from local insurance companies and institutional customers.

If the risks to be covered are not covered by the local insurance market and there is a problem that exceeds the capacities of the Turkish insurance companies, the placements work will be solved by the global markets.